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How to custom make the bracelet

by fanssteel

Bracelets are a wonderful way to express your personality and individual style. Retail stores often carry bracelets, but they are unlikely to offer exactly the bracelet you want. Often, the craftsmanship is less than exacting, leading to broken links and loose elements. Made with skill and care, custom bracelet can incorporate every kind of design and material, from wire and beads to precious metals and gemstones. Keep a few basic tips in mind to help you commission one or several custom bracelet that will look great and last for years.




custom bracelet can cost anywhere from $10 to over $10,000, depending on the intricacy of the design and the materials. Precious metals such as gold and rare silver-white metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium add expense to the budget. Precious gems such as diamonds, deep green emeralds, pearls, and opals add beauty and cost to a piece. Not every bracelet falls into the fine jewelry category, leaving many affordable options open for bracelets made with new and upcycled leather, beads, glass, and lustrous sterling silver. Designers can help you dovetail the design you want with materials to satisfy your budget.


A bracelet should be large enough around to fit over the wide part of the hand, but small enough to stay put securely. In general, if you have a very small or large frame, a bracelet's width should be in proper proportion. However, a slender gold chain looks good on any wrist, and small women can carry off a chunky bracelet if the rest of her outfit is simple. Dark materials add the illusion of size and weight, and light-colored materials have the opposite effect. Measure your wrist at the wrist bone and your hand at the widest part. Keep in mind that heat can cause your wrists to swell slightly, which should be accommodated when sizing your custom bracelet.


Bracelet styles range from simple and elegant to rustic, funky, or ultramodern. The basic bracelet forms can be transformed reflect any style.




Rigid circular bracelet; can be worn solo or combined


One or more dangling charms on chain or cord


A wide bangle with a narrow opening to place on wrist


Bangle or chain integrating flat element to engrave words or symbols


Flexible bracelet in numerous designs; usually made of metal with optional stones and other adornments


Flexible bracelet of in-line diamonds or other gems


Flexible bracelet of leather or other material, tied around wrist

When creating a custom bracelet, you can combine elements of several bracelet types. For an eclectic look, a wide chain can be closed with a silk or leather cord, and then finished with a thin metal plate to inscribe an inspirational phrase. Another creative look combines upcycled elements such as polished bicycle chains, coins, or even repurposed jewelry such as earrings or rings.



Custom bracelets can be made of a multitude of materials. Precious metals are used frequently, especially lustrous yellow and white gold, sterling silver, and valuable silver-white platinum. Also in the platinum family are palladium and the rare and expensive rhodium. Other metals such as copper, stainless steel, and silvery-white titanium are good choices for bracelets. Metal can be formed into fine to thick chains, hammered metal, large links, flat pieces linked together, and bangles. Leather and suede are naturals for use in wrap bracelets.


Chains are a versatile foundation for charms made of metal, glass beads, beach glass, blown glass, enamel, and wood. Charms can be made of upcycled items such as manual typewriter keys, bottle caps, keys, and stones.

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