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Improving Trend of Biker Rings and Jewelry

by fanssteel

The trend of motorcycling, in general, gained much popularity back in the 1950s and has not entirely died down since. With the increase in the popularity of motorcycles, came the rise in love for biker jackets, Biker Rings

 and jewelry. Biker jewelry has been worn by male and now even female bikers for a long time. They are usually made of metal. jewelry for bikers includes the following accessories:

These jewels are readily available in retail stores or even online for example at the biker rings shop. To increase this trend in Biker jewelry, retailers are taking a three step approach.

If we were to continue the same old trends that were in fashion ten years ago, few new people would be enticed by the biker trend. Some shops announced they are creating a line of biker jackets and jewelry inspired by popular DC character, Wonder Woman. introduced biker rings like cross rings and bishop rings with a more minimal and streamlined design than that was popular back in the day, also contributed to increasing the trend by using ancient jewelry-making techniques for biker rings.


Women are not behind men at all in the fashion of Biker jewelry. Women wear the same skull rings and diamond earrings as part of the biker trend. The creation of the Wonder Woman-inspired jackets and accessories are like a warm welcome for women.

The trend has spread to women all over the world, even as far as India where earlier this month, around twenty-eight women came together to celebrate International Female Ride Day. This amplified the trend of female motorcyclists in India.

This event further boosted the trend because breaking stereotypes is in fashion now. There is an all-female motorcycle club in California.

Since women are naturally more attracted to accessories than men are, we also see the trend of Biker jewelry rise among women.



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