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Heavy Metal jewelry

by fanssteel

Heavy Metal jewelry has become increasingly popular in the fashion world as it continues its appeal to the biker and rocker subcultures.


The history of Heavy Metal jewelry tells us that sporting its symbols is often a statement of rebellion, but is also a statement of power and is meant to represent an attitude of freedom and independence – like the feeling of riding that motorcycle through the wind without boundaries. In addition, historians indicate that the skull symbol is not meant to represent death, but rather the undying soul and afterlife. This has long been interpreted from the use of the image in the Middle Ages to depict fertility of life, and by images of winged skulls on graves representing the deceased’s soul rising to heaven.


With the ever-rising cost of gold and silver, the use of stainless steel offers the opportunity for those without enough wealth to obtain pieces of this jewelry, whether rings, bracelets, necklaces, or pendants, to purchase such items in stainless steel without the high cost. Bikers should be excited to have this low cost alternative.


Since families, retirees, older women, weekend professionals, etc. have begun forming biker groups and riding for vacations, the appeal of heavy metal, and particularly biker jewelry, has greatly broadened its market. Stainless steel products will allow these new middle-class bikers to round out their sport with traditional biker symbols.

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