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Biker Jewelry

Biker jewelry, or rock n roll jewelry, was the first type of theme jewelry to cater almost exclusively to men, utilizing bold motifs and masculine designs to represent power, freedom, strength and rebellion. Once thought to be reserved for bikers, outlaws or rockers, biker jewelry has entered the mainstream fashion realm for both men and women.

biker jewelry, or rock 'n' roll jewelry, is less conservative than various types of jewelry and carries more weight and substance. Biker jewelry is easily identifiable owing to its bold statement and trademark masculine look, often created using thick and heavy metals such as silver and stainless steel. The most popular jewelry pieces are the "cross pendant" and the "skull ring"

The good thing is you do not have to be a biker, or live the biker lifestyle, to wear and appreciate biker jewelry. The biker represents the ability to ride free, to flaunt your own style without boundaries and to live on your own time. Wearing biker jewelry is a statement of freedom and independence.

In the world of biker jewelry, boldness, designs and motifs matter. Commonly used motifs include dogs, eagles, skulls, daggers, roses, snakes, wings, stars, crosses, lion heads, dragons, and flames

Biker Jewelry is the current trend, not only with bikers, but all – Shopping – Jewelry



4 Rules for Men When Wearing Jewelry

1.  Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple.  Start with a classic leather-strapped silver watch; if you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, consider a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band as well.  Once you’re comfortable wearing these generally accepted pieces, then you can start to introduce other jewelry pieces like necklaces if you choose.  

2.  Match Metals


Most men’s jewelry is metallic.  Gold and silver tones are the most common.  Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time.

3.  Understand Jewelry’s Symbolism

Jewelry has meaning.You can’t get away from this.  Despite it taking up only a tiny percent of your visual presentation, people zero in on jewelry thanks to its flash and uncommon usage by men.

§                  Avoid Ostentatious Styles.  It’s hard to repeat this point often enough.  Keep anything metallic small and sleek.

§                  Wear Meaningful Jewelry.  We’ve talked about wedding rings already.  Other accents that have meaning might include a class ring, a fraternal insignia, a military service pin, or an athletic ring or necklace.  These can be “door openers and conversation starters;” if you’re talking to prospective business partners in Houston, it makes sense to wear your A&M class ring if you know they went to school in College Station.  If you’re interviewing artists for a gallery show in New York, perhaps heirloom cufflinks your uncle made can help display you care about art because you come from a family of artisans.  Choose jewelry that’s going to be meaningful within the situation.


§                  Know When to Wear It.  Save your best for the big occasions in life.  Personally I rarely wear any jewelry–despite being in the clothing industry I prefer simple pieces.  But when I have an important event to attend, I pull out my watch and cufflinks.  Bringing specific pieces out for specific events–instead of everyday wear–makes them less status pieces and more festive statements.

4.  Jewelry and Dress Codes

In the business world, company dress codes can severely restrict male jewelry.  Often phrased in a politically correct tone such as, “Men should only wear tasteful pieces of jewelry,” you’ll find in practice that this means not rocking the boat and conforming to the status quo. So if you’re hired at AT&T corporate, be careful about trying to wear as many necklaces as Mr. T.

Seriously–the burden of appropriateness is always on the man who chooses to wear jewelry.  Know this and be restrained when you’re in any kind of professional setting.  You can express yourself after work.  Jewelry is, by its nature, small enough to slip into a jacket pocket after all.

Businesses that request “modest” or “tasteful” or “appropriate” jewelry, or other words along those lines, prefer things be limited to the traditional “masculine” styles of jewelry.  This includes tie accents, watches, cuff-links, wedding bands, and lapel pins.  Over the last decade most companies have expanded this to include bracelets, earrings, and ethnic jewelry as well.

Piercings (other than earrings) are dicey even in casual outfits.  If your office and social circles are comfortable with nose or lip piercings, that’s great, but it’s still going to seem off-putting to some strangers that you interact with–clerks at stores, taxi drivers, what have you.


Rings for men are not merely used as simply fingers’ jewelry. For men, accessories like rings may show such symbolization about his life and personality. Rings may be more meaningful for men rather than the other accessories or jewelries like wrist band, necklaces, and earrings. Wearing manly rings will not make them having low masculinity.

herefore, men like to wear rings in his knuckles. Actually, there are a lot of ring designs for men. Each ring design has its own meaning and symbolization behind. So, before you mean to purchase men’s rings, it is better for you to know the symbolism and the meanings behind it.

he symbolism and the meanings behind the rings for men can be various depend on the types of ring.

1.                  Skull ring shows the symbol of bravery. Skull ring basically is a type of ring which includes the embodiment of skull and crossbones. The skull and crossbones characters are firmly carved on this ring. The embodiment of skull and crossbones symbolizes tough, brave, and masculine personality of men. You can use it for your finger accessories to show off the manly character you have in front of your friends.

2.                  Signet ring shows the symbol of leadership and power. Signet ring is a type of men’s ring which embeds the seal of family signature. The signet ring is worn by men in order to show the powerful personality and leadership. Initially, this kind of ring is only used by powerful people such as king, presidents, and the wealthy people. However, nowadays, this signet ring is available in many jewelry stores with various models which you can set by yourself. There you can easily get the symbol of power and leadership ring.

3.                  Bikers ring shows bearing personality and muscularity. Bikers rings are men’s rings made of full metal components and embody such manly characters like skull, dragon, snake, eagle, fox, tiger, and so on. This type of men’s ring gives men extra muscular looks.

4.                  Diamond ring shows pride and status. By wearing such diamond rings for men, you can show to other people that you have high level of status.

5.                  Wedding band shows love and commitment. Wedding band is a type of ring which should be worn by men who have been married. It symbolizes that the man has tied his knot for his sincere love. It means that the man is not available for other girls. So, if you have committed to marry someone for your whole life, do not forget to wear your wedding band anywhere you go.


Dark and Edgy: Popularity of Skull and Biker Rings

There is no symbol more sinister than the skull which is why many biker clubs incorporate it in their logos. A macabre image that represent death, skull imagery has been adapted in fashion by many popular designers and has remained a relevant and intriguing style throughout the years. An interesting design, the skull and its incorporation to biker-related culture is gaining popularity once more has been propagated more styles in the jewelry market today.

 Among the most popular accessories that use the macabre symbol are skull rings and biker rings. The reemergence of biker culture and style in the mainstream attention can been traced to the growing trend of relatable “rogue” characters in current television series and films. Popular series like the Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead portray characters with the rough and dangerous edge, which appear to be a hit to many viewers and brings back the dark style of skull rings. And even though skull rings and biker rings are nothing new in the jewelry market, it is interesting to see that such dark symbols still remains interesting for many people and like the color black or leather textile, never seems to go out of fashion.

 Probably, one of the reasons why macabre and dangerous symbols like skulls appeal to many people is due to its mystery. Humans are said to fear things that they do not understand but it also goes to show that the opposite can be observed. Even in the ancient times, death has always fascinated people and many cultures view it as an integral part of life… for life to have meaning, it should have an end. And being that the skull is one of the most recognized symbols for death, popular culture’s fascination and attraction to it can shed light to how it propagated even to fashion and style.

In relation to the biker subculture, skulls have been used by many biker clubs in their patches and identifications for years. As any view riding a motorcycle a rather dangerous activity and the crime-related behavior that many outlaw biker gangs got associated with, it was fitting to see the skull in the subculture. Usually, skulls seen in biker subculture context also incorporate other symbols like winged skulls (for the Hell Angels) and the Grim Reaper (as seen in the fictional club of the TV series Sons of Anarchy). The evolution of the symbolism and the modifications that adds on to the original meaning of the skull let the icon survive throughout the years.

 Skull rings and biker rings have become popular today due to many factors. Its rich symbolism, the intriguing aesthetic, the dark association to a dangerous subculture, all combined to get the interest of many customers who are not afraid to take their style to a new level. There are a lot of advantages in selling edgy jewelry like skull rings and biker rings today. One is that the design is interesting enough to pique the interest of customers due to its unusual style. Rings are also very subtle pieces of jewelry that rarely clash with outfits due to their small size, unlike necklaces or bracelets. Improvements in manufacturing and materials used like 316L stainless steel ensures that skull rings and biker rings have higher quality today and have greater detail compared to those made from previous years.

Some retailers may be afraid to carry rings due to the perceived risks associated to stocking the jewelry. But year after year, rings are seen to be highly popular accessories; and even men who do not like wearing jewelry can still be persuaded to wear a ring. This fact can be a great advantage and by offering this jewelry to customers, retailers can effectively increase their revenue. Biker rings and skull rings with the right designs can attract male customers, though the range of its appeal do not stop there as women also show interest to dark and edgy aesthetics.